Lili Reinhart Is Suffering For Cole Sprouse’s Art And The Results Are So Worth It

Being in a relationship with a photographer means there’s a good chance you’re going to have to be fully comfortable in front of a lens. 

Luckily for Cole Sprouse, girlfriend Lili Reinhart is an absolute natural at posing up a storm in front of a camara; even when he decides to position her at strange angles in hostile environments.


The Riverdale actor has posted several oh so artistic snaps of the 22-year-old since confirming their relationship, but his most recent upload takes the gong for being the most edgy set up to date.

In the snap, Lili can be seen lying face down in the snow with her expression suggesting she isn’t feeling too great about her choices.

Cole uploaded the final shot on Instagram with the caption: “How do the people you shoot even tolerate you?” @lilireinhart on ‘making her suffer for my art.”

A bunch of people were impressed by the framing of the image, with one person writing: “How is her face literally in the snow, I can’t even go outside in 40 degree weather  without screaming,” as another said: “Ummmm, did you kill her?”


Cole recently opened up to Glamour about his romance with Lili, telling the world that she’s “one of those people that consistently pushes me to be better at the arts that I’m pursuing” and adding that she “inspires excellence out of everybody she works with.”

We guess excellence sometimes ~does~ involve lying face down in the snow every now and then.



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