Riverdale Fans Have Been Given The First Glimpse Of Jughead’s Mum And Sister

It looks like Riverdale fans are in for a treat next week after it’s been revealed that certain members of Jughead Jones’s family are finally going to make their series debut. 

Anyone who watches the CW show will know that the Jones family have been split right down the middle; with sister Jellybean ‘JB’ Jones and mum Gladys Jones having spent the past three series living on the DL in Toledo, Ohio.


With all the drama currently going on in Riverdale, Jughead and Archie Andrews are set to meet up with the characters during December 12th’s episode after deciding to ditch town together. 

Actor Gina Gershon is set to portray the role of Jughead’s mum, with her character being described as a “businesswoman and a biker who runs a salvage yard that doubles as a Southside Serpent compound.”


As for Jellybean, she’s apparently going to be a sassy AF con-artist in the making who channels the Jughead trait of always being “wise beyond her years.” Trinity Likins – who is a relative newcomer to the TV world – is set to portray the role.


According to W Magazine, her previous experience includes some local Canadian productions as well as filmed advertisements. It sounds like her CV is getting packed out very quickly, with IMDB reporting that she’s also set to appear in CBS’s miniseries, Unspeakable.

So far, we have no idea what the plot is going to hold for Jellybean and Gladys, but internet sleuths *have* discovered that the Jones duo are also pencilled in for another episode set to air in 2019. 

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