Cost of living passes health as number one voter concern under Scott Morrison

The cost of living is the number one concern among voters but ranks last in terms of how they feel the government is handling it.

According to the latest quarterly True Issues survey by JWS Research, the only significant change since August is that the cost of living has moved ahead of hospitals, health and ageing to become the number one concern of voters among the 19 issues tested.

At the same time, the cost of living still ranks rock bottom in 19th place in terms of how the government is handling it. Second last at 18th in terms of handling is “vision, leadership and quality of government” and third last, in 17th place, is energy.

The True Issues survey gauges in order of importance the issues voters most worry about and also tests how they feel the government is handling them.

JWS director John Scales said there had been little change in terms of how they felt the government was handling the issues they cared about most.


“There have been no significant improvements in the rated performance of the government since August … in the last weeks of the Turnbull government,” it says.

Mr Scales said, however, the elevation of the cost of living to the number one concern also fuels another change his survey has detected since August.

That is more Australians feel their personal situation is headed in the wrong direction and fewer say their life is headed in the right direction.

The area in which the voters give the highest marks for performance is defence, security and terrorism, but it rates at 10 as an issue of concern, indicating it may not longer be the vote-winner it once was.

And the government’s performance rating in this area has fallen from 59 out of hundred in August to 54 in November.

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