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At least 2 dead, including gunman in shooting at Tallahassee yoga studio, police say

At least 2 dead, including gunman in shooting at Tallahassee yoga studio, police say


On Facebook Live, Chief DeLeo reported on the status of the victims and the shooter. No names have yet been released.
Tallahassee Democrat


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An unidentified man killed one person and injured at least six others before killing himself at a Hot Yoga studio Friday, according to Tallahassee Police Chief Michael DeLeo.

Among those in the hospital, one person is in critical condition, three are serious, and are two in good condition, said Danielle Buchanan, spokeswoman for Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare. One of those taken to the hospital died, officials said. 

City spokeswoman Alison Faris confirmed that the shooter is dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound after the evening shooting.

There were 11 people signed up for the 5:30 p.m. hot yoga flow class and one canceled earlier in the day, a source said. The class instructor is said to have been uninjured.

City Commissioner Scott Maddox was among officials who went to the scene of the shooting.

“In my public service career, I have had to be on some bad scenes. This is the worst. Please pray,” Maddox posted on Facebook.

Map: 2018 shootings in Tallahassee


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Evening interrupted

Alex Redding was in the Bar at Betton downstairs when a woman ran in hyperventilating followed by a man with blood on his head. Redding said two to three other people entered the bar seeking assistance and said that a tall man with a beard was inside the Hot Yoga Studio acting strange and began shooting during the class.

The man with blood on his head told the patrons he tried to stop the shooter but was pistol-whipped before the shooter then shot himself.  

The incident immediately interrupted the gubernatorial campaign of Andrew Gillum, who tweeted he was “deeply appreciative of law enforcement’s quick response to the shooting at the yoga facility in Tallahassee today.”

“No act of gun violence is acceptable,” he wrote. “I’m in close communication with law enforcement officials and will be returning to Tallahassee tonight.” 

TPD investigators and emergency medical technicians were seen working near the entrance to Hot Yoga, 1950 Thomasville Road.


A witness at Bar at Betton saw three wounded people taken from the Hot Yoga studio.
Karl Etters, Democrat staff writer

Witness accounts

Megan Nixon was eating downstairs at Riccardo’s Restaurant when she heard the commotion upstairs.

 “We heard pop, pop, pop. It sounded intense. It didn’t sound like gunshots,” Nixon said. About 30 seconds later, she saw two young women run into Bar of Betton next door. Then, she saw a guy, bloodied, run in.

“They say it’s two fatalities. The gun shot six or seven times. I saw five different ambulances picking people up. It’s scary it’s so close to home.”

Nixon said the owner of the restaurant locked the door to protect those inside. She struggled to understand the events that interrupted what was supposed to be a family evening out.

“It’s so terrible. Why would he have skipped all the other business and go up to the Yoga studio,” Nixon asked.

 She heard that the suspect was upstairs pacing before the studio opened. When the other people went inside, he busted in.

“It’s terrible. It’s hard when you have a 2-year-old,” Nixon told the Tallahassee Democrat.”I hate this for Tallahassee. I hate this for these girls.” 

“It sounded like something was happening, but we didn’t know what it was. It’s terrible. They’re in a yoga studio trying to relax.”

Outside the Bar, crowds began to gather including State Attorney Jack Campbell and Commissioner Scott Maddox.

Check back for more updates.

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