Camila Mendes Creates The Groundbreaking Art Of ‘Pimple Posing’

Camila Mendes is getting creative about the way in which she hides her spots when posting to Instagram, and it’s time we took note.

The Riverdale babe put a photo on her Instagram Story with her hand artistically placed over her bangs, and you’d think at first glance that it was just a hipster af pic, but there’s reason behind the OTT pose.

Camila captioned the photo: “Why use photoshop when you can find creative ways of hiding your pimple.” And tbf, the spot is completely invisible. Let’s just hope a gust of wind doesn’t flick her hair up into the air.


It must be hard avoiding breakouts when you spend a lot of your time in hair and makeup getting prepped to play Veronica Lodge, but Camila has previously spoke about how she attempts to keep her skin glowing: “When I’m filming a lot I try to get [facials] once every two weeks because I wear so much makeup on set and it’s just getting caked on.”

“I do it to just kind of exfoliate and then I can see all the makeup that’s been stuck into my pores. So that helps a lot,” she goes on to say.

And while some celebs love to show off what society would class as a ‘blemish’, like Bella Thorne using highlighter to enhance her freckles, or Lili Reinhart’s Instagram feed of pure pimple positivity, sometimes it’s just nice to feel nice. So we totally get why Camila decided to cover up.

At least we can now thank her for developing the groundbreaking art of ‘pimple posing.’ Yep, that’s now a thing apparently. 

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