Charlotte Crosby Opens Up About The ‘Pressure’ And ‘Stress’ Of Filming The Charlotte Show

By this point, it’s pretty clear that Charlotte Crosby is one of the greatest reality TV veterans of our time. She bossed Geordie Shore, breezed through Celebrity Big Brother and effortlessly presents the savage situations on Just Tattoo Of Us.

But she’s only human, and she’s opened up about the pressure of filming her personal reality TV baby, The Charlotte Show.

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Of course, it’s understandable that Char would feel the pressure while shooting for the second season of her own show. Not only is she worried about living up to the success of the first season, but she’s revealed how much harder it is when you’re the main star of the show, without a massive squad beside you like on Geordie Shore. 

Taking to Instagram stories, she wrote: “I never knew exactly how much pressure and stress would come along with it. Being so used to being in Geordie Shore with like 8/9 other cast members was so different and so much bloody easier [sic].”


She admitted that while inviting the cameras in has brought some “funny times,” there have also been some lows.

Char added that she worries about how fans will react and if she’s gone too far.

But it seems our lass knows the reason we all love her: “Thru the good and the bad and the downright ugly I’ll always just remain real,” she said.



“My god I thought I could let the cameras in on anything but even I am struggling,” she concluded last night’s Instagram story.

It’s easy to think that Char would find filming a walk in the park given all her years of experience, so we’re living for her recent honesty with fans..


And we guess it’s all because of her determination to bring us lot the best reality telly poss. From her years of radgie antics to her unapologetic realness on The Charlotte Show, that girl always gives us everything.

You’re doing amazing, lass.

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