Charlotte Crosby Vomits All Over Her White Dress In Drunken Ordeal

Let’s be honest, getting so mortal that you’re sick is never, ever a great idea, but it does happen to some of us once (or twice) in our lives.

But Charlotte Crosby felt the wrath of alcohol pretty badly over the weekend when her white outfit got covered in vom in what we can only describe as one hell of a drunken ordeal.

PLAY the video to see Charlotte Crosby explain how she came to fall “unconscious” and covered in vomit during her recent night out…


Have you ever got so drunk that you fully lost your boyfriend and your parents had to carry you out of the club?


Anyway, before we get into the itty bitty (sicky) details, let us rewind. Char had a pretty good reason to be getting boozy on Saturday night, as she was attending the engagement party of In The Style owners Adam Frisby and Jamie Corbett in Manchester.

Obvs, Charlotte has been working with In The Style to bring us killer garms for years now, so we can understand why our gurl would wanna celebrate.

And Char totally looked the part, in a gorgeous white corset ensemble.

But sadly, the corset didn’t stay that colour for long, as fast forward to the end of the night and Charlotte, along with her bestie Lauren, were “unconscious” and covered in sick.


“Me and Lauren had a bit of a bad time. We got so drunk last night that we actually fell unconscious,” she explains.

Later in the video, Charlotte is scared that she’ll be in the “doghouse” for fully losing Josh in the midst of it all, but luckily he seems pleased that she had a belter of a night.

It goes without saying that getting that mortal isn’t safe, and you should always drink responsibly.

Fortunately, Char has well and truly learned her lesson (and she’s got one hell of a dry cleaning bill coming her way).

Hope the head isn’t too sore today, lass!

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