Kylie Jenner Bravely Opens Up About Eating Cereal With Milk For The First Time

You’d think that with all the money in the world readily at her disposal that there isn’t anything Kylie Jenner hasn’t done. But you’d be very, very wrong.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star just bravely admitted to the entire Twitterverse that she’s only just discovered how you’re actually meant to eat cereal.


Completely unaware of the hilarious uproar it’d cause, Kylie tweeted out: “last night i had cereal with milk for the first time. life changing [sic].”

Friends and stans alike reacted in awe, as if it was the most bizarre feat in the world to be able to reach adulthood and have never tasted cereal how it was meant to be tasted.

Even Seth Rogan hilariously got involved suggesting she try out the American classic PB&J, tweeting: “Wait till you try peanut butter and jam.”

Don’t panic though because Kylie had a solid enough explanation for why she’s avoided the breakfast staple for so long.

“I always liked cereal dry i never bothered to put milk [sic],” she admitted, going on to confess her undying love for a particular cereal. Which, let’s be real here, is probably sold out worldwide by now.

She tweeted in response to a follower asking her “what kind do you have,” saying: “Cinnemon Toast Crunch. amazing [sic],” and told her fans that she totes knew cereal had to go in the bowl first. So there’s a positive. 

But at least she has a sense of humour about it all, as she has retweeted fans making a joke out of the whole sitch.

Just iconic. If there’s anyone that knows how to break the internet – it’s Kylie.

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