Noah Centineo Got Dragged In Comparison To Timotheé Chalamet But Fans Weren’t Having It

The full wrath of Twitter was felt this week when ‘Girls’ creator Lena Dunham decided to compare Noah Centineo to Timotheé Chalamet.

Lena straight up tried to pit the star of ‘To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before’ against the equally awesome and talented ‘Call Me By Your Name’ actor, which is already pretty problematic considering that’s the precise type of thing she wouldn’t stand for if it happened to two talented women.


But then Lena took things even further and pretty much dragged the Sierra Burgess Is A Loser actor with a clear bias towards Timotheé.

Let us rewind.

It all started when Lena tweeted: “R u a Chalamet or r u a Centineo?”

Which seems innocent enough, and prompted some lols responses such as “Chalamet in the streets but Centineo in the streets.” 10/10 answer.

But then things start to get shady af, when a whole two hours later Lena followed up her initial tweet with a bunch of uncalled for hate towards Noah.


“A Chalamet won’t call you his girlfriend cuz monogamy is a construct a Centineo won’t do it cuz his insta is blowing up right now,” she wrote.

Then again she took aim, writing: “A Chalamet pays for deli coffee a Centineo rents you two a Starbuck,” followed by: “A Chalamet sends you a postcard from Europe a Centineo sends you a balloon with his face on it.”


And just to top it off, she wrote: “A Chalamet says you look like his mom in photos from the 70s a Centineo says you look like his gf from camp.”

First of all, why do you want a guy to tell you that you look like their mum? And secondly, no one asked you to put your two cent(ineo)s in, Lena.

Still, we’re wondering WTH Noah did to warrant a straight up witch-hunt.


But we really don’t need to waste our time highlighting everything that’s wrong with Lena’s latest Twitter rant, ’cause the good people of the internet have already done it for us.

Yep, Centineo fans (actually, just people who can recognise uncalled for shade) were out in full force with their thoughts…

Team Chalatineo!

Seriously though, comparing yourself to others can be one of the worst things for your self-esteem, so imagine another person forcing a comparison upon you.

Not cool.

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