Marnie Simpson Reveals Way TMI About Casey Johnson’s Fertility Clinic Experience

Marnie Simpson and Casey Johnson recently headed to the fertility clinic after revealing they might like to make some little radgies of their own in the near future.

And now Marnie has revealed the ins and outs of Casey’s sample-giving experience, revealing perhaps a tad TMI along the way.

Hit play on the video to see Marnie Simpson and Casey Johnson reveal why they’ve been warned not to have babies yet by a psychic…

Chatting to Star mag about their trip, Marnie revealed that she got tested, and Casey was all for checking his own fertility too: “He had to give a sample and was in and out within seconds.”

She added: “It just must have been the vintage 80s porn!”


You can always count on Marns to bring the bants.

Still, we’re glad to hear the trip went smoothly, but when exactly are the lovebirds planning to get busy making a fam?

Marnie revealed: “We are thinking about starting a family soon, and wanted to make sure we are both able to have kids.”

She continued: “Maybe next year. I think 27 would be a good age.”


We’re pretty sure the pair of them are gonna make mint parents whenever they decide the time is right.

“I’ve always wanted a boy, I think it’s because my family are all girls,” Marnie added.

Who knows, maybe we could be hearing the pitter patter of a little lad’s feet in no time. Lord knows the little one would be totally adorable.

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