KJ Apa Just Joked That Cole Sprouse And Lili Reinhart Have Split And It Did Not Go Down Well

KJ Apa needs someone to tell him asap that it is not okay to joke about an iconic couple splitting up. 

The Riverdale babe thought it’d be hilarious recently to take to the caption of Camila Mendes’ latest group snap and troll us all to eternity, as he wrote what fans suspect on a daily basis.

‘Omg.. Coles not sitting next to lili… [sic]’, he wrote, along with the emoji illustrating the kind of disbelief you’re feeling right now. Thankfully KJ is just kidding, as even Lili Reinhart got in on the joke.

‘They must’ve broken up,’ she replied, along with some extremely apt emojis for the situation. Her on-screen mum Mädchen Amick however was having none of their games, as she added: ‘Oh stop trying to break the internet.’

Yeah guys, quit playing with our hearts already.

As one fan quite rightly pointed out, Lili was in North Carolina visiting family for the weekend as Cole stayed back to hang with friends. And no, one weekend apart does not mean they’re no longer dating.

But back to the photo in question, which sees Cami, Charles Melton and Cole Sprouse all hanging with some other pals on a fancy boat. And what’s that we see? Is that Charles and Cami looking quite the close friends, or are we just trying to make something out of nothing?

Either way we’re not the first people to think it, just one look in the comments section and it’s quite the crowded ship.

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