B/R POWER 50: Meet the Most Influential People in Sports Culture Right Now

Here at Bleacher Report, we’ve debated that question all year. And the answer is not some equation or another power ranking. Influence is when “we will not shut up and dribble” is an answer people listen to, because you’ve been to the last seven NBA Finals. And when the entire sports world watches your family vacation on Instagram, just to see where you’ll go next? That’s power.

Welcome to the B/R POWER 50, a definitive list of the most influential people in sports culture—athletes and celebrities who are doing the damn thing right now.

We picked 50 influencers making power moves. But this isn’t just about LeBron in the Decision Cave. It’s about ballers who BOSS UP, like Jimmy Garoppolo, who secured the bag in San Francisco after emerging from Tom Brady’s shadow. (“I thought in my head, ‘I’m better than this dude.’“). It’s about groundbreakers who SHAKE IT UP, like Meek Mill, who told B/R about watching the Super Bowl from jail. (“People actually know I’ve been through some real s–t.”) It’s about game-changers who LEVEL UP on the field like Cristiano Ronaldo, and groundbreakers who SPEAK UP, as exemplified by Aly Raisman. It’s also about emerging stars who GLOW UP, which…about Donovan Mitchell—can you believe that dude’s still 21?

The power players on B/R’s inaugural list are ranked and appreciated by 39 influential writers and fellow fans. Because the B/R POWER 50 is built to fit in your pocket, but also to expand your sense of possibility: It’s a redefinition—a declaration—of the power within people to influence lives through sports, and for sports to change our culture for good.

Explore. Debate. Scroll. Tap. Celebrate. And be inspired.

—The Editors of B/R Mag

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