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Fliers beware: Flight delays spike from Monday storms

Fliers beware: Flight delays spike from Monday storms

Last update 3:10 p.m. ET. Next update: By 6:30 p.m. ET.

Air travelers faced the possibility of disruptions across the East on Monday as waves of storms tracked across the region, part of an unsettled pattern that’s expected to persist into the middle of the week.

Airlines had not yet issued any weather waivers for the region, but fliers should keep their eyes on the weather if they’re flying to airports from the Carolinas into New England. Florida’s airports also were at risk of storm disruptions at least into Tuesday.

The storms will be of the hit-and-miss variety, but they could create significant problems where and when they pop up. Long lines of storms can block flight paths, presenting an especially troublesome scenario in the mid-Atlantic and Northeast.

Already on Sunday, repetitive lines of storms moved over parts of metro Washington, D.C., and parts of Pennsylvania and the New York City areas. Flash flood warnings remained in effect for much of the region.

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VIDEO: Residential PA street turned into raging river (story continues below)


Floodwaters took over Spring Street in Tremont, Pennsylvania during a flash flood watch.

For Monday, more than 955 flights have been canceled and another 3,930 delayed as of 3:10 p.m. ET, according to flight-tracking service FlightAware. Those numbers had grown sharply since early morning and could mushroom further throughout the day if storms continue to fire up like they did on Sunday. 

Sunday was a mess for fliers across much of the East. While only 685 flights were canceled, FlightAware reported a whopping 7,675 delays at U.S. airports for the day.

More than a quarter of Sunday’s flights were delays at major airports like New York JFK, Newark Liberty, New York LaGuardia, Washington Reagan National, Boston and Baltimore/Washington (BWI). Several Florida airports also saw major disruptions, likely a combination of local storms and disruptions from flights at delayed airports in the Northeast.


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