Cubs intervene after fan steals ball from child

There are few things that manage to cause adult sports fans to disregard common courtesy more than the prospect of receiving a $23 baseball for free in a stadium setting.

Sure, it’s a thrill to catch a baseball at a big-league game. And while an adult doesn’t need to go out of his or her way to give a baseball to a kid (though that would still be nice!), few take kindly to adults grabbing baseballs that were intended for children.

Seriously, don’t do what these two Cubs fans did during Sunday’s game at Wrigley Field.

When first base coach Will Venable tossed a baseball to a young fan seated in the first row, the ball got away and bounced beneath the seat. That was when a middle-aged man in the second row grabbed the baseball and gleefully handed it to the woman next to him. They all had a laugh at the kid’s expense. It was senselessly inconsiderate.

Thankfully, the Cubs took notice to these fans’ behavior and made sure the young kid not only got himself a baseball but also one-upped those Adult Baseball Fans.

A separate baseball and an autographed Javy Baez baseball would certainly do the trick.

But please, let that be a reminder to all sports fans: Don’t be any of these people.

The Cubs would also go on to win, 7-2.

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