ASOS Now Sell Clothing Designed Specifically For Wheelchair Users

ASOS has already firmly cemented itself as one of the most progressive brands on the high street, currently offering lines for plus-sized women as well as promoting positive body image. But their work is far from done, as they’ve now released a tie-dye rain suit designed with wheelchair users in mind.

The brand partnered with reporter and Paralympian Chloe Ball-Hopkins, who created the jumpsuit with unique additions such as cuffed ankles, a top waterproof pocket for a phone/medical equipment and a zip around the waist to make it easier to get in and out of.

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“Accessible clothing is an area that we’re looking to make improvements in, both in terms of designing clothes differently and helping people with specific needs find what they’re looking for more easily,” ASOS’ website reads.

And as soon as Chloe made the announcement she’s been inundated with support from fans, who think it’s about time wheelchair users were considered when big fashion brands are designing clothing.

One fan is keen for other brands to follow in ASOS’ footsteps, tweeting: “Brilliant! This is the most positive tweet to have appeared in my feed all week. We need more fashion companies to embrace accessibility (in its widest sense) to meet the needs of all their customers.”

While others hope this is just the first of many: ‘Will be recommending. I’ve heard from so many people how demoralising it can be to have to choose ‘practical/boring/frumpy’ clothes because no choice. More please @asos x’

Though Chloe is keen to make it clear that this isn’t just for wheelchair users, but instead accessible fashion that literally everyone can enjoy. We can’t wait to see our new in page flooded with more things like this, because honestly it’s about time.

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